5 Best Tomato Knife Review

Do you want to purchase the best tomato knife? Check out these 5 cutters offering clean slices. We include essential features for easy selection.

Made from surgical grade high-carbon stainless steel, this American-made ultra-sharp slicer comes with a dual serrated blade for clean, effortless tomato cuts. Overall, the rada tomato knife measures 7-8 inches, making it ideal for kitchen spaces with various users. It has a classic, comfortable black handle to remain stylish and reliable over the years. 

——— The Winner ———

Rada Cutlery W226 Tomato Slicing Knife
High-carbon American made - 5” blade

Rada Cutlery W226 Tomato Slicing Knife

✅ Dual serrated steel blade for a clean cut;
✅ Dishwasher tolerant black handle;
✅ Offers the right thickness for user comfort and effective performance;
✅ American made with outstanding craftsmanship to offer the best value to customers;
✅ Lifetime warranty on all manufacturer defects.

Sturdy tomato cutting knife: suitable for every home kitchen, offers excellent balance, and slices both tomatoes and veggies. Whether you want your slices thick or thin, this cutter makes it possible.

Most vegetable lovers will agree that a tomato knife is a valuable asset in the kitchen. High-carbon stainless steel and extra sharp for effortless slicing It will not only make your work easier but also enhance your presentation skills.

However, choosing the correct type of cutter isn’t always easy, especially with the current flooded marketplace. You have to know what you want, to get value for your money. 
And that’s where we come in.

In today’s article, we take you through the best tomato knife review, complete with a detailed buying guide, to help you make an informed choice.

Top 5 Best Tomato Knives Comparison





✅ Affordable
✅ Sturdy stainless steel resin
✅ Top-notch dual serrated steel blade


✅ Affordable
✅ Sturdy stainless steel resin
✅ Top-notch dual serrated steel blade


✅ Ergonomic, high-quality nylon handle
✅ Razor-sharp carbon stainless blade
✅ Made in Switzerland


✅ Made in the United States
✅ Ultra-sharp serrated edge
✅ Potent aluminum handle


✅ Made in the United States
✅ Ultra-sharp serrated edge
✅ Potent aluminum handle


✅ Corrosion and Discoloration resistant
✅ Displays a full tang
✅ Potent high-carbon, stain-resistant German Steel


✅ Precision Edge Technology
✅ Premium quality construction
✅ Triple-riveted full tang for optimum control

Best Tomato Knives Detailed Reviews

We took time to test a wide range of household tomato knives, and found the following products quite impressive:

  • Rada Cutlery W226
  • Victorinox 1
  • Rada Cutlery B000H284LS
  • Mercer Culinary
  • WÜSTHOF 4136-7

Rada Cutlery W226 Tomato Slicing Knife — Our Editor’s Best Pick

Rada Cutlery W226 Tomato Slicing Knife

First on our list is the Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicing Knife, which seems to enjoy massive popularity in the marketplace.  

This best serrated tomato knife is designed from high-quality carbon stainless steel and is extra sharp. I love it because it gives me slices of various sizes, depending on my mood.

Its black handle is comfortable to hold even for prolonged use. 

Although the rada tomato knife is dishwasher friendly, the manufacturers recommend hand washing it to enhance durability.


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for all types of tomato slices
  • Sturdy stainless steel resin
  • Top-notch dual serrated steel blade
  • Excellent for frequent use

Pros & Cons

Comes with a lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defects
Made from carbon blade to ensure sharpness and reliability
Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
American made, for the needs of the American people
Not recommended for frequent dishwasher use


This kitchen knife is razor-sharp and made for frequent use. It’s also inexpensive and comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, if you don’t mind hand washing it, you might want to consider it in your next purchase.

Victorinox 1 Green Tomato Knife — The all-rounder

Victorinox 1 Green TomatoVictorinox 1 Green Tomato

If affordability and efficiency are your number one consideration when shopping for kitchen appliances, you might want to check this Victorinox tomato knife. It is light-weight and sharp to make chopping easy, even for a beginner cook. 

This best knife for tomato’s blade is serrated and uniquely designed with a rounded tip to minimize accidental cuts. It’s a multipurpose knife that can work correctly on other veggies, bread, or even cheese.

Most long term users seem to love its ice-tempered stainless steel blade that maintains sharpness and effectiveness.


  • Ergonomic, high-quality nylon handle
  • Razor-sharp carbon stainless blade
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Round tip for multipurpose use

Pros & Cons

Great for peeling, slicing, and rimming
Made with active use in mind
Light-weight and easy to use
No need for constant re-honing
Different colours
Not suitable for larger-hand users
A little blade knife


This Victorinox tomato knife is a clear indication that not all budget-friendly knives are low-quality. It’s a little ultra-sharp kitchen appliance that’s also light-weight and easy to use.  I love its multipurpose nature, which could also speed your preparations. 

You might, however, have to look elsewhere if you prefer long blade knives.

Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicing Knife — Best on-budget

Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicing Knife

The Rada brand currently ranks among the best tomato slicers in the current marketplace. Considering that it’s also affordable, you might never find a better deal elsewhere. 

This cutter is made from surgical grade carbon stainless steel blade with a dual serrate to accommodate all skill levels. It also comes with a sturdy aluminum handle with a satin finish, which is comfortable to hold and attractive. 

However, the rada tomato knife isn’t dishwasher friendly, so you will have to hand wash it.

But with the fine cuts it produces, this might be the least of your problems.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Made in the United States
  • Ultra-sharp serrated edge
  • Potent aluminum handle

Pros & Cons

Made for long term frequent use
Provides a comfortable hold
Beautiful brushed aluminum with a satin finish
Easy to use
Extremely sharp
Not dishwasher friendly
Doesn’t come with a permanent blade cover


This tomato cutter is sharp, gives a comfortable hold, and proudly displays a beautiful satin finish. It’s also one of the most affordable picks in our list. 

Its major downside is that it isn’t dishwasher friendly. But if you don’t mind the feel of tap water, this shouldn’t bother you much. After all, the pricing is almost irresistible.

Mercer Culinary Renaissance B002R178TG Forged Tomato Knife – Best NSF Certified

Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged Tomato Knife

If a triple-riveted knife is the true definition of your ideal best tomato slicer, you might find the Mercer Forged Tomato Knife a worthy investment. This kitchen appliance comes with a black ergonomically designed Delrin handle for a comfortable hold, even for busy cooks. 

The shortened bolster of this tomato cutting knife exposes the full blade edge, to make it easier for you if you ever need to sharpen your cutter. There is also a full tang on the handle for excellent balancing. 

The blade of this NSF-certified tomato knife is made from top-notch quality carbon steel, to withstand corrosion and discoloration


  • Shortened bolster for easy re-honing
  • Corrosion and Discoloration resistant
  • Displays a full tang
  • Potent high-carbon, stain-resistant German Steel
  • NSF certified
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pros & Cons

Sturdy construction for durability and reliability
Offers maximum stability
Easy honing
Offers a comfortable hold
Its Delrin handle withstand both hot and hot temperatures
Not dishwasher friendly
Prolonged water submerging can discolor the blade


Though made in Taiwan, the Mercer tomato knife is highly durable, made from Germany sourced carbon stainless steel. It’s sharp enough for long term use, so no need for immediate re-honing.

You will, however, have to get used to hand washing it. Plus, you can’t submerge it in water for long, lest it discolors.

WÜSTHOF 4136-7 CLASSIC IKON   Best Premium Craftsmanship 

If money isn’t a problem, and you would like to get a premium quality cutter, the wusthof tomato knife could be your ideal choice. 

This top-notch quality tomato slicing knife is uniquely designed for both professional and home cooks, explaining its high pricing.

The kitchen appliance comes with a razor-sharp blade, 20% sharper than other previous models, thanks to the Precision Edge Technology.

This Germany forged tomato cutting appliance is made from high carbon stainless steel, coming with a forked tip for enhanced penetration and gliding. 

You receive it already hand-honed for longevity. And it’s suitable for both right and left-handed users.


  • Precision Edge Technology
  • Ultra-sharp blade
  • Premium quality construction
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Suitable for right and left-handed users 
  • Triple-riveted full tang for optimum control
  • Precision-forged
  • Half bolster

Pros & Cons

Easy to use and sharpen
Ideal for both home and professional cooks
Offers comfort and longevity
Light-weight for effortless use
An excellent pick for right and left-handed users
Fork tip for picking slices


The WÜSTHOF 4136-7 CLASSIC IKON is a premium quality tomato cutter that correctly serves professional and home cooks. It is 20% sharper than any other knife within its range, and has a fork tip to help enhance your presentation. 

The only downside is its high pricing. But with the fantastic features this cutter presents, you might want to purchase it. 

How to Choose the Best Tomato Cutter — Buyer’s Guide

If you want to get the perfect slices out of your tomatoes, use a good cutter. The one that won’t squash them, and is useful for other tasks. 

But how will you choose the best tomato knife? We put together some of the essential features for your consideration. 

Choose between serrated and straight blades

Serrated bladed cutters are known for their razor sharpness. This makes them highly effective in a busy kitchen environment. They help cooks effortlessly penetrate the tomato skin, hence their popularity.

However, if they aren’t your preference, you can still find straight bladed tomato knives in the market. They are equally sharp and effective. 

Check out the handle design and material

Remember, you will be holding the cutter in your hands for a few minutes, if not hours. Therefore, it should feel comfortable to allow you to concentrate on slicing. 

A kitchen knife with a steady grip is an excellent investment. It should be made from high-quality material, which doesn’t slip even when you sweat. 

As for the design, always go for ergonomics as it’s always lighter, and will be gentle on your hands even after prolonged use.

If you plan to share your appliance with other kitchen users, consider choosing one suitable for both right and left-handed individuals. 

Plus, they should be strong to last you for years. Most knife handles are made from metal, natural and synthetic materials. Choose according to preference. 

Decide between a rounded, sharp, and forked tip.

There are various types of tomato knife tips. If you plan on using your knife on veggies, cheese, fruits, and even bread, get a round-tip cutter, such as the Victorinox tomato knife. 

But if it’s solely for tomatoes, and perhaps cheese, go for a sharp tip. It will help you achieve well-defined cuts. The rada tomato and the Mercer Culinary knives are good examples.

A forked tip, such as the one on the Wusthof tomato knife, will help you transfer your cuts to your preferred setting. You can also use them on the Damascus steel tomato.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best knife for cutting tomatoes?
Does cutting tomatoes blunt knives?
Why does a tomato knife have two points?
Is Rada Cutlery any good?
What knife should I use to cut vegetables?
Why is a tomato knife forked?

Criteria We Used for Best Tomato Knife Review

The Pricing of the Knife

When making any purchase, it’s essential to consider their pricing. In this case, the tomato cutter should be within your budget. Remember, you don’t always have to spend much to get quality.

Handle and Blade Maintenance needs       

The first thing you should know is how to maintain your newly acquired kitchen appliance. Some cutters are dishwasher friendly, while others are not. Blades might also need re-honing after some time. 

Therefore, it’s essential to stick to manufacturer recommendations if you want to enjoy longevity and efficiency.

User Warranty Details

Manufacturers that are confident about their products, and offer specific product warranties. It is important to check the type of guarantee issued as some are only restricted to manufacturer defects, time, and parts.

Technological Innovations 

Various manufacturing companies use different technologies to come-up with cutter blade sharpness to increase longevity and efficiency. 

For example, the Wusthof tomato knife manufacturer embraces the precision edge technology, making it 20% sharper than other cutters within the same range.

Comfort of Use

The best tomato slicer should be comfortable to hold and use, even in a busy kitchen. Some come with thin, medium, and big-sized handles. It’s crucial to pick one that perfectly suits your hands and needs.

The Blade Design

With the numerous manufacturers in today’s tomato knives market, it isn’t surprising to come across various blade designs. From the full tang you see on the Mercer Culinary to the round tip of the Victorinox 1, some knives also come with thin blades. 

Therefore, examine all the features and give priority to those that will improve your kitchen experience.

Construction material

Durability and reliability are critical to a great kitchen knife. Whether you are a frequent tomato knife user or not, the material construction is an essential consideration for such a lifetime investment.

Final Conclusion

The Rada Cutlery W226 is our editor’s choice for various reasons. It’s pretty affordable, made from quality high-carbon stainless steel, is razor-sharp, and gives a comfortable hold. Whether you’re an experienced cook or are learning, you could easily fall for this best tomato knife’s efficiency, especially in obtaining fine slices. 

This explains why this cutter is currently a popular choice in various online stores. 

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What is the best knife for cutting tomatoes?
If you use a random cutter on your tomatoes, you might end up smashing them, leading to a messy outcome. Therefore, to achieve perfect slices and cubes, use a serrated knife. The Rada Cutlery W226 Tomato Slicing Knife is a good example.
Does cutting tomatoes blunt knives?
No, using your knife to cut tomatoes doesn’t blunt it. The truth is, your cutter gets blunter with each use. It’s only the speed that varies.
However, you will be quick to notice the bluntness when cutting tomatoes due to their compressible nature, when using a “normal” knife. But, the case is different when you slice using a serrated cutter, even when it isn’t any sharper.
Why does a tomato knife have two points?
A tomato cutter has two points to help the user move the slices from the chopping board/area to the presentation table/plate.
Is Rada Cutlery any good?
Yes, they are long-lasting and work efficiently. Some users say they’re hard to beat!
What knife should I use to cut vegetables?
The straight-edged and sharp-tipped kitchen knife is the best for cutting vegetables. You can choose between the Western Chef’s knife, the Nakiri, or the Paring knives.
Why is a tomato knife forked?
Most forked knives are serrated to make it easy for the user to cut through the tomato for a perfect chop. You can then use the tips to hold and move the slices to your preferred storage/presentation site.