How to pack knives for movingHow to
Tips for Packing Knives for Moving or Shipping
You will be able to pack your knives safely for the move. This will ensure that they are not damaged during transit. Although packing and moving kitchen
When must a knife be cleaned and sanitizedHow to
What is the best way to clean and sanitize a knife
If you’re just looking for an answer for a homework assignment where you have to choose one answer to the question “When must a knife be cleaned and sanitized?
how to dispose of kitchen knivesHow to
Disposing of knives: the right way to do it
Regardless of how you use your knives-good or absolutely terrible, sooner or later the question arises that the knife no longer performs its former functions well.
how to sharpen a knife without a sharpenerHow to
Sharpening knives without a whetstone — 12 tips for home & away
Every knife becomes dull at some point and needs to be sharpened. But what do you use to sharpen a knife if you don’t have to sharpen steel or whetstone at hand?
20 tricks from Jamie Oliver: how to cook betterHow to
20 tricks by Jamie Oliver: how to cook better
Jamie Oliver is a chef who needs no introduction. Professionals love his recipes for their simplicity, originality, and new look at familiar products.
Scary pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween; how to choose, cut and preserveHow to
Scary pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween; how to choose, cut and preserve
Pumpkin is an essential part of Halloween. Especially a pumpkin carved face with lighting from the inside. According to ancient beliefs, it scares away
How to use a sharpening stoneHow to
How to use a sharpening stone
Сutting any food is unafraid when you have sharp knives in your kitchen. You’ll do this quickly, comfortably and, most importantly, joyfully and with good humor.
How to cut tomatoes slices or cubes for salad, tacos, burgers etcHow to
Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal
Tomato is a frequent guest in our kitchens, as it appears in many dishes. None of the vegetable plates can do without this juicy product.
How to store knives properlyHow to
How to store knives
Knives are an imprescriptible element of any kitchen. However, these products need proper storage. Most people just store them in a standard wooden stand
How to cut sushiHow to
How to cut sushi
You want to know how to cut sushi? A sushi and roll knife is a yanagiba with a wide long blade, sashimi bocho with a narrow blade sharpened on one side