How to cut tomatoes slices or cubes for salad, tacos, burgers etcHow to
Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal
Tomato is a frequent guest in our kitchens, as it appears in many dishes. None of the vegetable plates can do without this juicy product.
How to store knives properlyHow to
How to store knives
Knives are an imprescriptible element of any kitchen. However, these products need proper storage. Most people just store them in a standard wooden stand
How to cut sushiHow to
How to cut sushi
You want to know how to cut sushi? A sushi and roll knife is a yanagiba with a wide long blade, sashimi bocho with a narrow blade sharpened on one side
how to choose kitchen knifeHow to
How to choose kitchen knife
Not all kitchen knives are the same. Very often, fashion brands sell low-quality knives at a high price, and sometimes you can find a whole set of better