What kind of knife does Jamie Oliver use


What is good about Jamie Oliver knives? They’re simple, haven’t any unnecessary tricks, reliable, durable, and convenient. Jamie Oliver isn’t a theorist but a practitioner. He cooks tons and knows that every kitchen has got to haven’t just an honest knife, but a knife that’s suitable for several things. So, what knife does Jamie Oliver use?

First of all.

Best Jamie Oliver knife set in 2023

What kind of knife does Jamie Oliver use

Stylish and functional, the Jamie Oliver knife set with stand will become an important tool in your kitchen. The set includes 6 knives: knife , utility knife, chef’s knife, knife , santoku and vegetable knife. All knives are made from top quality steel, specially treated. The blades of those knives will remain sharp for an extended time.

The knives are well balanced to ensure fast and professional cutting. The specially designed comfortable handle will help you slice food easily. A small notch at the base of the blade, made to rest in it with your finger, makes the cutting process easier.

What knife set does Jamie Oliver use

Each knife has a name embossed on the end of the handle so that you can easily identify the knives when they are in the stand.

This knife holder is made of smoothly polished acacia wood. Acacia is a super hard wood species. Brinell hardness of acacia is 7.1, which is almost twice that of oak – 3.8. This high hardness ensures that the stand will not be scratched or dented during use.

The stand will help you store your knives comfortably and safely. It is stable and non-slip thanks to silicone pads. The stand is durable and will not fall when you take your knives out.

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  • 6 basic knives suitable for slicing any food;
  • Knife blades are made of high quality stainless steel;
  • Comfortable balanced handles;
  • Stand made from super hard acacia wood;
  • 100% environmentally friendly wood;
  • Solid stand surface, no scratches or dents when using;
  • Exclusive design;

What about one knife that could replace 6 knives? To tell you the truth, there is no such thing. But if you had to choose, what knife does Jamie Oliver use? Would you like to know? Read on)

What knife does Jamie Oliver use usually & specify

So I bought Jamie Oliver’s Santoku knife. Blade length 16.5 cm, strongly sharpened in the bow; weighted handle; wide blade with a beveled profile; the blade has grooves so that less food sticks to it when cutting. High-quality German stainless steel, which keeps sharpening for a long time (and you rarely have to sharpen the knife), well-thought-out handle design, a guarantee and care instructions; sold in a special package with photos of Jamie Oliver. If the knife is stored vertically in a stand, inscription makes it easy to identify it among others.

What knife does Jamie Oliver use

Each professional chef has a personal collection of knives, sharpened under his arm literally and figuratively. Sometimes these collections are donated or inherited from one chef to another. And these collections are very much precious to the chefs.

Many professional chefs now have such collections of knives, which they not only create for themselves, but also specially produce on an industrial scale. For example, this is how Heston Blumenthal Santoku knife looks like:

What kind of knife does Jamie Oliver use
Heston Blumenthal Santoku. Blade length 18 cm, price £ 50-60

Santoku; Santoku bōchō is a Japanese modification of the French chef’s knife. The western knife was originally intended for butchering meat, but the Japanese have expanded its scope of use.

Santoku is good for people with small palms and is popular with female chefs. Today it is the second most important knife after a professional chef’s one. For many chefs, these knives are interchangeable. 

The Santoku Knife is Jamie Oliver’s team favorite. By the way, Jamie also has a different santoku design.


I would not start a conversation about knives, and I don’t like to brag, but it turned out that many home cooks simply do not know how to hold this tool in their hands, and some self-confident home cooks do not like knives that Oliver sells.

In the first case, there is a common culinary illiteracy: Oliver’s knives are scolded and lowered by their rating for the fact that some of them have a very sharp upper edge. Like, when you press it with your index finger… this very finger is cut to blood. Mean, those people initially hold the knife incorrectly and then start these baby talks: allegedly there are many videos on youtube where “many cooks, including men, hold a knife in this way”. Excuse me?!

We are talking about the grip shown in the bottom picture:

What kind of knife does Jamie Oliver use

The middle and bottom patterns are incorrect grip. Illustration from the book Knife Skills An Illustrated Kitchen Guide to Using the Right Knife the Right Way by Bill Collins

And these people do not bother to find out that they violate safety regulations and that the kitchen knife is to be held as shown in the topmost picture for their own good needs.

In my opinion, “convenient or not convenient” has nothing to do with it: it’s always convenient to work with a good knife! That is why there are several varieties of kitchen knives and the corresponding techniques for working with them, you just need to learn how to manipulate them all and select knives for yourself. A good knife does not need to be pressed down with your index finger.

In the second case, the so-called “chefs” try to compare incomparables. “Yes, Oliver’s knives cut well…yes, vegetables don’t stick to them…but…I don’t like them, because when you compare them to super-booper knives, they lose a lot.”

What kind of knife does Jamie Oliver use

And this is my opinion: knives by Jamie Oliver are very good both for their professional level and for their price category. His Santoku effortlessly cuts the cheddar like butter, without crumbs, and chops the stalks of rhubarb into small geometrically even pieces, as if it doesn’t know they are fibrous.

By the way, I always hold the knife the way professional chefs recommend, including my left hand, so I work quickly with knives. Yes, I specially studied this and trained on different products, but now I have no idea how one can work with a knife differently.

The upper drawing is the correct position of the fingers, the lower one is the incorrect position. Illustration from the book Knife Skills An Illustrated Kitchen Guide to Using the Right Knife the Right Way by Bill Collins:

What kind of knife does Jamie Oliver use

Once on youtube, I came across a comment under a professional video, where a user was explaining why he put “dislike” instead of a “like”. He said, the professional cook from the video was “clumsily holding his fingers.” Ok. This is our level of culinary literacy.

I really love Jamie Oliver’s Santoku knife! I’m far from a professional, but I’m not a stupid housewife either. I don’t need Range Rover and the sky in diamonds in my kitchen, but the quality of home cooking and the time spent on it is important. This knife is pleasant to hold in your hands. It is not very light compared to “simple knives from supermarkets”, but also not very heavy and are well-balanced. Almost nothing sticks to it, it is easy to use when you know exactly how to use it.

What kind of knife does Jamie Oliver use

By the way, knives by Jamie Oliver are selling like hot cakes! This means the knives are really good!

Other knives in Jamie Oliver’s kitchen

Every well-stocked kitchen needs a good set of knives, says Jamie Oliver. And, without a doubt, Jamie’s kitchen definitely has such a set. And I recommend everyone to get such a knives set from Jamie Oliver.

In addition to Santoku, the chef uses:

  • SMALL PARING KNIFE – for chopping and slicing small vegetables, scraping herbs and hulling strawberries
  • CARVING KNIFE – for carving meat on or off the bone
  • CHEF’S KNIFE – perfect for rock and tap chopping
  • BREAD KNIFE – the essential knife for bread
  • UTILITY KNIFE – everyday knife for peeling, chopping and fine slicing
  • BONING KNIFE – to debone meat and fish
  • CLEAVER KNIFE – to interrupt down meat
  • FILLET KNIFE – for skinning and filleting fish
  • STEAK KNIFE – to effortlessly slice juicy steaks and other meat
  • CRINKLE-CUT KNIFE – to make a retro edge on fruits and vegetables

Perfect kitchen tools: be like Jamie

It has become much easier to buy cheap inventory now than even 10 years ago. And this is great, because you can buy everything you need, no matter what funds you have. On the other hand, you need to be careful when buying – nothing can cause more trouble in cooking than bad equipment. Surely, most people do not like to cook, because at the very beginning they came across a bad frying pan or a dull knife. But think: you can simply buy 30% of success in cooking. Huh?

Below is a list of kitchen items by Jamie Oliver, with which you can consider yourself a completely well-equipped chef.

  • Extra large non-stick skillet
  • Large grill pan
  • Large pot, saucepan, or cooking pot (cast iron is better, but aluminum or stainless steel will work as well)
  • A set of deep-bottomed saucepans (large, medium and small)
  • Good sturdy baking sheets
  • Frying pan-wok
  • Mixing bowl set
  • Metal tongs
What kind of knife does Jamie Oliver use
  • Knives! Of course. Chef’s, large serrated and small for peeling vegetables
  • Wooden spoons
  • Metal whisk
  • Ladle
  • Skimmer
  • Wide knife-spatula for fish
  • Plastic spatula
  • Peeler
  • Thick, sturdy wooden cutting board
  • Small plastic cutting board

When buying knives, processors and boards, I advise you to save some money, but buy the best. And it is not necessary to buy a set of knives, buy three – for example, a chef’s one to cut and chop, a large one with a serrated edge to remove fillets from bones, and a small knife to process vegetables and fruits

  • Mortar and pestle
  • Salad drying centrifuge
  • Scale
  • Sieve (coarse and fine)
  • Large colander
  • Large measuring jug
  • Four-sided grater
  • Processor
  • Rolling pin
  • Can opener

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