Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

How to cut tomatoes slices or cubes for salad, tacos, burgers etc How to

Tomato is a frequent guest in our kitchens, as it appears in many dishes. None of the vegetable plates can do without this juicy product. Skillful culinary specialists can make beautiful figures of fresh tomatoes because they know very well how to cut a tomato properly. Today we will master how to cut a tomato for a salad, how to cut a tomato for tacos, how to cut a tomato for burgers, salsa, guacamole, etc., and find out what the best tomato is knives are. Let your festive and everyday tables always look perfect!

Red is a symbol of beauty, and a tomato, blessed with this color by nature, is always up to the task, even if it is in the hands of an untrained cook.

Even the simplest circles and slices along with other garden fellows, laid out beautifully on a plate, already look wonderful. What can we say about different flowers, leaves, and other decorative methods of cutting? First, let us get acquainted with the standard shapes of tomato slicing.

Shapes of cutting tomato

Use a very sharp tomato knife with a medium blade to chop tomatoes. If you want to cut the vegetable into thin slices, then you’ll need a serrated knife.

Preparing tomatoes is very simple: wash in cool water, remove the peduncle and wipe the vegetable dry. That’s it, now you can start cutting.

Except for the decorative purpose of the tomatoes, there are four cutting methods mainly used for culinary purposes:

  • Circles or semi circles are used for roasting, baking, making pizza, vegetable plates, and salads. The thickness varies between 3-5 mm, but you can use even thinner circles for decoration.
  • Tomatoes are often cut into slices and half slices for fresh salads and vegetable plates. You can also use this method for some stews, soups and sauces.
  • Middle cubes (7 mm) are used for cooking the first courses, sauces, gravy and layered complex salads. Large cubes (1-1.5 cm) are most used for fresh salads, soups, and stews.

How to cut a tomato into slices

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

Even the simplest tomato slices can be arranged so that a vegetable plate looks like a picture and becomes worthy of the most expensive restaurant.

Cutting tomato into slices and half slices is most often used to add it to a salad because it’s not only beautiful but also allows you to keep the juicy part of the vegetable.

So, how to cut a tomato into slices:

  • Cut the tomato in half lengthwise
Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal
  • After that, cut each half into 3-4 slices again. If the vegetable is large or thinner slices are required, then you can divide half of the tomato into more pieces.
Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal
  • Cut off the peduncle attachment point from the finished slices and use the vegetable for its intended purpose.
Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

Well, if such slices are quite large for your culinary purposes, just cut each of them in half across and get half slices.

How to cut a tomato in cubes for tacos

The correct way to dice tomatoes in cubes turns out to be very quick:

  • Put the tomato on the cutting board upside down. Now cut it into 0.7-1 cm thick slices, but without cutting the vegetable through. Leave about 1 cm to the base of the tomato.
  • After that, cut the tomato into cubes, across the circles, but again leave 1 cm from the base.
  • Now put the tomato on its side. As we didn’t cut the vegetable through, all the cubes remain in place and don’t fall apart, so we can cut them across into cubes easily.

After cutting, we have the top of the tomato that should also be cut (after removing the place of the peduncle attachment) into random pieces sized equally to the cubes.

This type of cutting is perfect for cooking salsa and tacos.

How to cut a tomato for tacos

How to cut a tomato for a salad

High-quality cutting of ingredients for salad is very important, as it can make a dish gorgeous or, on the contrary, ruin it.

For a mozzarella cheese salad, it is better to cut the tomatoes into circles. Peel the skin from the tomatoes before adding to the dish. Cut the tomatoes into circles and add a little salt. After that, you can form a snack.

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

For traditional salads, it is best to cut the tomatoes into cubes. Cubes can be both large and small. Squeeze the cubes lightly with your hands before adding vegetables to the dish.

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

For a chicken breast salad, it is best to cut tomatoes into slices. Chicken meat is added to dishes by fibers, and tomato slices will complement the look.

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

How to dice a roma tomato

Roma or Italian tomato is not really a variety. This is a group of varieties that are mainly used for cooking tomato paste and whole fruit canning. Roma tomatoes are grown in the USA, Mexico, Australia, and the UK.

American gardeners really like this tomato for its high yield, attractive appearance, and keeping quality of vegetables, as well as their ability to retain shape and color when canned. In addition, the USA has many dishes containing tomato paste, for the manufacture of which Roma tomatoes are grown. So, how to cut a Roma tomato?

Step 1

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

Wash the tomato. Wash the vegetable with running water, turning it as needed to remove any dirt off its surface. If there is a sticker on the tomato, be sure to remove it before slicing.

Step 2

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

Make a horizontal cut and remove the top of the tomato. Cut off the top of the tomato. You should have a flat end on one side.

Some people do not do this, as they believe that the peduncle of this kind of tomato is small enough and barely visible. You can skip this step if you are of the same opinion.

Step 3

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

Cut the tomato in half. Slice the tomato down along to get two halves holding it with one hand and cutting it with the other. Tomato halves must be the same size.

Step 4

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

Cut the tomato into vertical strips. Place the tomato halves side down flat and make vertical cuts. You should end up with thin strips of the same size.

Since the roma tomatoes are smaller than ordinary types, be careful when you cut them. Don’t cut yourself. Keep your fingers away from the knife. Hold the vegetable with your fingertips.

Step 5

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal

Cut the tomato into cubes. Place the tomato, cut into strips, horizontally. Make vertical cuts. You should have cubes. Keep the tomato with your fingers while cutting. When you’re done, you will get even cubes.

Try to make the cuts the same distance from each other as when cutting horizontally. You should have cubes of the same size.

How to cut a tomato for burgers

What could be tastier than a homemade DIY hamburger? Any burger must have a vegetable filling. The classic scheme includes green salad, tomatoes, onions (fresh or fried), fresh or pickled cucumbers. And of course, you need to cut them all properly. Especially tomatoes.

Various ways to slice tomatoes to make a delicious meal
Big sandwich – hamburger burger with beef, tomato, red onion and lettuce.

So, how to slice a tomato for hamburgers? The most popular type of slicing tomatoes is cutting them in circles. By the way, this is the most common slicing type for vegetable plates.

Use a special serrated tomato knife to cut the tomato into thin circle slices. Do it across the vegetable but not along it, otherwise the pulp will flow out. If the tomato is rather fleshy and dense, it will have a beautiful pattern in cross-section.    

If the diameter of the vegetable is large enough, you can first cut it lengthwise into two halves, and only then crosswise in thin semicircles.

By the way, you can make a beautiful rose from tomato circles by overlapping the slices in a straight line, and then roll them up. (picture 16)

How to cut a tomato like a rose

Take a half of a tomato cut across and make six cuts on it from the side of the cut that diverge by rays from the center at an equal distance from each other. The cuts should not reach 2 cm to the base.

Further, cut the corners from the middle of each segment, forming six teeth.

After that, take a thin knife with a small blade, carefully peel (cut) the skin at each tooth and bend the cut skin with your fingers like petals.

You’ll get this beautiful flower!

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